Liquid Systems

Liquid Systems

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The demanding requirements of the process industry are served by Sterling SIHI through their extensive range of fully packaged liquid pump systems. Each system is built around one of the selected pump types including centrifugal, standard chemical, side channel, multi-stage and industrial pumps.

Sterling SIHI has the ability to provide pump systems that can handle casing pressures up to 160 bar and temperatures of 400 ºC, without any external cooling. Process applications require different design variants, including closed or open impellers, bare shaft, close coupled or canned motor configurations. Shaft sealing options include packed glands, or single/double acting mechanical seals and magnetic couplings.


Typical applications include:
- LPG pumping at gas stations
- Pressurising water systems
- High pressure cleaning systems
- Condensate return systems
- Special design configurations
- Many other process applications


The pump ranges include pumps that can handle high or low temperatures, low NPSH conditions, corrosive, toxic, explosive or odorous liquids, as well as applications that require dry running and the ability to handle vapour.

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